One of the best industrial parks in Slovakia.
An excellent location with a well-developed infrastructure and skilled workforce.
The industrial part currently provides approximately 4,000 jobs.

Project details

  • Location: Nitra

  • Status: In progress

Current land availability

Nitra Invest l.t.d. has settled up more than 6,000 ownership titles to the land plots and currently still controls a major part of this area.

At the same time, by developing and constructing the necessary infrastructure, it enabled foreign as well as domestic investors to establish themselves in the zone.

Infrastructure capacity

Infrastructure Capacity

Advantages of being located in Western Slovakia

Well-developed infrastructure.
Proximity to Austria, Germany as well as major connection routes to Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.
A large pool of available, skilled labour in the catchment area (there is currently ~ 10 % unemployment in the region). Good work discipline and productivity.


Basic Information

  • Labour costs in the Nitra region are the third lowest in Slovakia (2Q 2015)
  • Most of the land in the Nitra-North Industrial Park is exempt from the Slovak Land Fund
  • Total area of the site:
    approx. 220 hectares
  • Area of available land:
    more than 80 hectares

The city of Nitra

Geographic location: 48018“ N 18014“ E
Altitude: 141 MASL with flat surface + /- 1 m
Groundwater level: 3-3.3 m below the surface

An area without flooding and earthquakes
Mild and mostly dry climate

Nitra is located in south-west Slovakia. It is the oldest city in the country, established at the end of the 5th century, and currently stands as the administrative hub of the Nitra region.

It is a modern city, a seat of science and education, a social and cultural centre, and the heart of regional of sports activity. It is an important trade and international events centre.


  • Nitra: 108 km2
  • The district of Nitra: 870 km2
  • The region of Nitra: 6 343 km2


  • Nitra: 83,692
  • The district of Nitra: 164,597
  • The region of Nitra: 705,661

Population density

  • Nitra: 774/ km2
  • The district of Nitra: 189/km2
  • The region of Nitra: 111/ km2


Manufacturing monthly wage
  • 837 €/month (2Q 2015)


  • 9,71% (2Q 2015)


General secondary education
  • 3500 students


Secondary vocational education
  • 3200 graduates annually
  • Fields: machine operations, engineering, plastics, metalworking, construction, food
Education in Nitra
  • 2 universities with 22,000 students
  • Fields: management, mechanisation, economics, philosophy, culture, education, social work, agriculture, theology


Professional secondary education
  • 4700 students
  • Fields: electronics, mechanisation, economics, trade, construction, hospitality, food

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Companies established in the Nitra-North Industrial Park